Shane was introduced to Fantasy Football by a friend who organized a league. It was so fun that he started his own league at work.

“There are 12 players in my league,” says Shane. “Each paid $100 to join. At the end of the 16-game football season, the winner gets $800, second place gets $200, and third place gets a signed hockey jersey of their choice.”

Shane says the most fun night is when the league gets together for the draft pick. 

“We order food, have a few drinks, and then each person picks their players.”

As the season rolls on, points are accumulated as players perform a particular task, such as scoring a touchdown or sacking a quarterback.

According to Shane, playing Fantasy Football isn’t about money but relationships. It’s a fun way to build bonds with co-workers. 

“There are guys I work with in my FF league that I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise”

And there are “bro-mance” benefits.

“It’s a bunch of guys who get together—no wives, no kids—just to hang out and have a good time.”

Shane says he tried one time to play in multiple leagues but the experience turned him off.

“I met guys online who play all the time, every day, and have so many things going on. I didn’t want to get like that. It’s stressful, and that takes the fun out of it.”

To think about – or discuss with a friend

  • To what degree is gambling a social activity? 
  • Is gambling about fun or fortune? Which is more important? Why?
  • Shane seems to suggest that “too much” fun might not be fun. What do you think about that?